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5 reasons why social media is important to your business

People’s behavior, their purchasing habits, and the way they consume information is increasingly influenced by social media. Businesses who leverage social media properly can reach a broad demographic and convert first time buyers into brand evangelists. As of 2020, three billion people use social media, that’s 50% of the world’s population. This percentage is probably much higher for the audience you’re trying to reach.

Your competitors are already leveraging social media to their advantage. Even if you’re using it too, social media should play a bigger role in your marketing strategy.

Here’s why:


New Audience & Increased Traffic

Social media marketing will bring more inbound traffic to your website. If your offering resonates with the audience, they will share it, garnering even more attention – and purchase opportunities.

Every social media channel and campaign is like another nozzle in your sales funnel. Especially if you can leverage the intricacies of each individual social platform.

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Satisfied Audiences + Lead Generation = Customer Conversion

Creating content that helps solve an issue that a customer or potential customer might have helps establish you as an authoritative source. This also helps your audience feel valued, which will help convert leads into sales, and ultimately into satisfied customers.

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Amplified SEO

In addition to optimizing your website and keeping your blog up to date, a business must share its content on social media channels. This will help you maintain yourself as a valid source and make your brand stand out with integrity. Social media is an essential piece of the SEO puzzle and will help your business stand out in search results.


Engage with Customers and Build Relationships

Social media channels allow for audience engagement which is essential to growing your business. A dedicated social presence means the opportunity to clarify questions, gather feedback, interact with customers and prospects (i.e., through polls), and measure customer loyalty. This will help further establish trust and brand authority.

people building relationships on social media marketing 2021

Improve Brand Loyalty and Brand Awareness

What is the best way for a business to measure the wants and needs of its audience? You guessed it, social media. By having a strong social media presence, businesses can learn about their customers. This includes demography about age, sex, location, and other valuable information that social media can help gather.


Companies can also observe the activities on their page and on the channels of their competitors to remain relevant and top of mind.

Social media allows you to see customers’ opinions that you may not find elsewhere. When your brand is easily accessible online, you allow people to connect with you, share your brand messaging, and establish trust and loyalty.

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