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The impact vehicle wraps can have for your business: Impressions. Visibility. Cost.

If you’re a small business in Cayman looking to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers, vehicle wraps can help in three major ways:



According to the Transportation Advertising Council, individual vehicle advertising generates upwards of 70,000 daily impressions per vehicle, per day in America. 

This unrivaled visibility to potential customers makes car wraps and decals a great option to grow your business on island and a powerful tool to add to the marketing mix of any campaign.



Graphic wraps for your company vehicle help level the playing field between small and large businesses. A study from the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement analyzed audience attention from three sources: eye-tracking, circulation, and travel survey data. It found that:

  • 90% of travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles
  • 75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on the fleet graphics
  • 30% of consumers base buying decisions on impressions they receive from

company vehicles

These statistics prove that vehicle graphics can increase recognition and sales for Cayman owned businesses. Check out this article to learn more about vehicle wraps as an effective and affordable marketing tool.

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Nielson Consumer Research and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) compared annualized advertising costs in 40 top media markets. 

When we look at the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for traditional advertising methods compared to advertising on vehicles, it’s easy to see why this is an attractive option.

  1. Television advertising cost = $23.70 CPM
  2. Advertising with a magazine cost = $21.46 CPM
  3. Advertising in a newspaper cost = $19.70 CPM
  4. Outdoor signage advertising cost = $3.56 CPM
  5. Radio advertising cost = $7.75 CPM
  6. Advertising on vehicles with an auto wrap cost = $0.35 CPM

Check out this interesting article to learn more about the benefits of advertising with vehicle wraps.

The bottom line is this – vehicle wraps help you leverage an already-owned asset (company vehicles) to reach a wide audience in the Cayman Islands without a massive ad spend.


When it comes to vehicle wraps, consider these three factors: impressions, visibility, and cost. Let us help you determine if a vehicle wrap works within your marketing strategy

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