Do you operate a business and want to increase local brand awareness? Having the right local marketing strategy can help.

Using a variety of digital marketing techniques to create online and offline presence is key within a local market. Whether you are investing in niche marketing strategy, inbound marketing strategy, demographic marketing strategy, or email marketing strategy, Biizy makes your marketing efforts more rewarding with a unique and flexible local marketing strategy specifically tailored for your business and local audience.

What is Local Marketing?

As the term suggests, local marketing is a technique that focuses on targeting potential customers within a certain location. Also known as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing, it works well for any business that has a physical location.

Using local marketing techniques, marketers can focus their resources on the selected audience, which involves people who actually interact with a business and invest in its products or services.

Local marketing enables businesses to understand their customers better and define their personas. The collected information can be used to make better marketing decisions for favorable results.

Why do you Need a Local Marketing Strategy

Both product-based businesses and service-based businesses can reap the benefits of local marketing strategy

  • At least 97% of consumers go online to learn about a company. Also, around 88% of those searches result in customers reaching the business they desire.
  • To stay front of mind, you need to stay in sight. At least 61% of mobile users engage with  business’ services if their website is mobile-friendly. You can make your presence known in the local market with a local marketing strategy.
  • When it comes to the importance of local marketing, more than 72% of customers say they look for a service provider within a radius of five miles.
  • At least 88% of local searches result in customers either calling or contacting a business.
  • An effective digital marketing strategy can bring more local traffic to convert into leads. It has been estimated that by 2021, mobile phone searches will influence around $1.4 trillion in local sales.

At Biizy, we utilize a variety of local marketing strategies to help you reach, connect and convert with your  target audience. Depending on your requirements, we use different local marketing techniques to engage your target personas. These techniques include:

  • Localized search engine optimization
  • Local social media marketing
  • Local digital paid advertising (PPC)
  • Promotional backlinks
  • Content marketing
  • Community involvement & events
  • Local media outreach & PR
  • Rebranding for the local market

Knowing that you are marketing to your customers in the right way will drastically enhance their experience with your brand; and having a carefully curated localized marketing strategy is the first step. Speak to our digital marketing strategy consultants to create an effective localized digital marketing strategy.