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5 secrets to increase your video marketing ROI

Did you know that YouTube now has 2.3 BILLION, that’s billion with a B, active users every month which ranks it the world’s second most popular social network behind Facebook? Not only that, it is the second most used search engine behind Google! Let that sink in for a minute…

With 52% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the content type that delivers the best return on investment, it’s hard to deny the importance of video and its impact.

In saying that, let’s get into some certain tips and secrets (shhh) that can help you to maximize your video marketing ROI and step up your video marketing game.

Secret 1. Identify Your Buyer Persona

If you haven’t heard the term ‘Buyer Persona’ before, simply put it is a name that represents a group of person/s you are wanting to target and reach. Identifying your buyer persona is a vital step to increasing your ROI because this will help guide your video content creation.

You wouldn’t create DIY sewing videos if your target audience was lumberjacks in Alaska, would you?!

An extreme example we know but you get the point, it’s all about making sure you know who you are meant to be targeting and aligning your creative and content to that buyer persona.

Secret 2. Lights, Camera, Caption!

Lack of captions in video is something many marketers can overlook and is a simple error that will cause you to miss out on a lot of views and in turn reduce your ROI significantly. Did you know that the site Mic, which is also averaging 150 million monthly Facebook views, said 85 percent of its 30-second views are without sound?

With these kinds of numbers being reported it’s vital you have closed captions part of your video content so people can follow your message whether they are at lunch, work or simply waking up and haven’t had their morning cup of joe.

Secret 3. Don’t Forget a CTA

Creating great video content that aligns with your buyer persona is great but equally as important is to make sure you have a clear CTA (call-to-action) somewhere in your message.

You want to make sure you clearly communicate to your audience what you want them to do so that after they have watched your video, there is no guessing games as to what action they should take.

Your CTA could be something along the lines of “click here to subscribe”, “share this video with your friends” or “email us to find out more”. Whatever it is, the CTA will help you determine how your video is performing and increase your ROI.

Secret 4. Video & Email = Success

Always wondered how to increase your email campaign success rate? Well, studies have shown that by incorporating video into your emails it can dramatically increase your CTR (click through rate).

Igloo Software managed to increase its email open rate by a whopping 187% simply by incorporating video into their email campaigns. This not only gave them a higher ROI but also enhanced their brand image as well.

Personalizing email video content is a surefire way to increase your video ROI, but having the right tools is equally as important. The team over at Vidyard have excellent software that can help you easily create customized video content for emails or to add in existing video content you may have.

Secret 5. Track Video Analytics

Analytics are essential to making sure you are aware of your ROI for any video content campaign. The main objective of tracking your video analytics is to see how well it performed so that you can tweak and make adjustments for future content ideas.

Some of the metrics that you need to be measuring are:

  • Click-through rate: The CTR shows you how many people took action after watching your video/s. It’s important to analyse this metric as a higher click-through rate means that more people took action after watching that particular video.
  • Average duration watched: A higher average view rate means that your content was engaging to those who watched and should equate to a higher ROI.
  • Video engagement: This can include how many times the video was liked or shared as this gives an indication of how popular or unpopular it was with your audience.

Analytics with any digital marketing strategy are key to helping understand the buyer journey and influence how to better optimize campaigns. Use these key metrics to help you understand what videos are performing well and how to increase engagement and ROI.

To wrap it up

Video marketing is no doubt one of the best forms to engage your audience as well as enhance your brand’s reputation and gain some great returns. With the right message and CTA followed by thorough analysis you will be well on your way to gaining more engagement and customers.

With these secrets in hand you can go out there and start optimizing your video marketing campaigns and see what works and what doesn’t.

Should you need assistance with any ideas or management of your video marketing content, Biizy have a team of specialists ready to help you and guide your organization through the process. Let’s talk, email